Purchase Considerations

When buying area rugs

· Measure and get the dimension of the area rug that you actually need (getting the smallest and largest you would want to go).  It will be much better if you know the dimensions before actually buying the area rug for your purchase satisfaction.

· To be more confident with your choice of area rug in the store, it will be easier if you brought a cushion, fabric, paint swatch or anything that will aid in selecting a closer colour and design that you would like.

Three considerations in the manner of how area rugs are constructed:  density, twist and fiber.  The denser the material is made, the longer is the life span of the area rug.  The tighter the twist, the more durable it is.  The natural fibers normally offer longer life span too.

Natural fibers include wool, bamboo, jute, cotton.  While synthetic fibers will include nylon and polypropylene or olefin.

Natural fibers are good choices but are sold at higher price.  If budget can be a real concern, consider lower maintenance synthetic fibers.  Synthetic fibers offer more colorful designs at lower cost.

The bottom line…is that you are pleased with the rug (s) you select and that you like the look and feel of the rug(s) in your home.