cowhideThe Rug Rooom carries the most extensive lines of rugs and runners in Atlantic Canada.  You will find sizes and shapes you will not find in many stores. Our exlusive cowhide rug is a must see for the person that truely appreciates unique purchase items. 

Don’t limit your decorating plans to include only rectangular rugs.  Give consideration to round, oval, and octagonal rugs as well, since they can really add flair and elegance to your floor.  

We have organized this website into segments. Sometimes a rug may fall into two classifications. 

Typically the rugs styles are broken into three main groups.  

[1]   The Contemporary style area rug;  Is simple, clean line and offers an uncluttered look.  They are usually abstract ideas.  The modern contemporary rug can add a delightful texture and can easily blend to any pattern.

[2]   Traditional Rugs   Traditional style area rugs have the traditional motifs, mainly flowers.  They are authentic Victorian and Oriental style that offer an elegant and luxurious look to your home.  The traditional rugs have pre-defined range of colours.  Most have almost the same set of colours including maroon, black, red, navy blue, brown, white and green.

[3]    Transitional Rugs   Transitional style area rugs are neither traditional or contemporary.  They have a blend of contemporary designs with elegant styles.  Transitional styles offer an exquisite look without any limit to design or rule of colour.  Transitional rugs make your home feel more warm and welcoming.


Please Note:

Not all of our selection is ONLINE.  All orders will be verified by telephone call.  If you DO NOT receive a telephone call within 12 hours of placing an order please call our store.